I have been playing with the idea of doing travel shoots again, and find the perfect location at reasonable prices. So… I decided to use and abuse the privilege of using a family house, in Cartagena, Colombia, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world (NY Times says so, and it is not fake news.) PS Colombia, specially Cartagena is a very safe place now, and only a 2 hour flight from Miami.

So here is the proposed idea, which may vary as I get input from those interested.

1. This will take place mid Feb 2019. for 3 days (not counting the days of travel).

2. It includes boarding, at the house (see pics below) as well as all food AT THE HOUSE… Some may choose to go out to dinner, or everyone together, and that is on you, as well as drinks, souvenirs, medical expenses, witchcraft services, etc. etc.

3. One of the days we will go to Islas de Rosario for beach shoots as well as water things. I will provide the boat and gas and snacks, (drinks, beach massages, hair beats, jewelry, etc. etc. is on you.)

4. I will do airport pick up, or send someone to get you, so you are not wondering around in a strange place.


This house is a Colonial house build inside of the old city, which is a fortress build to keep the pirates out back in the day, it was build sometime in the early 1700’s, but has all modern comforts you can expect. There are two people that work there, and it is “hotel style” and the lady who cooks does it really well… For those who have special diets: I will try to help, but ultimately you are on your own. (speaking to you lovey vegans and vegetarians)


Cartagena has shit beaches, but islas del Rosario has beautiful ocean, beaches, etc. etc. It is about an hour ride, and must leave super super early, because on the way back the ocean can get a bit rough, and it is smart to head back before 3pm.


It is a historic city with amazing sights, totally ok to shoot at, but must be clothed, to avoid any issues. This is a very safe city, however you must use caution as you would in any other city, and it is best not to leave the old city. Also… If you are planing to sample the national product, please don’t, I’d hate to have to deny knowing you if the authorities come knocking on the door.

Any questions, please ask.

This is meant for everyone to have a safe, fun, relaxing time, and make it super productive, come out with great images, and meet some great people. I will keep it to a small group, so everyone gets what they need.


You better start saving up, because I’m super greedy and I shall charge a total of…. 2k which again includes transportation from the airport, stay, food, boat, and of course amazing images.

PS: I added a few pics of the house, of the city, a couple of pictures I took around town, and to illustrate how clear the water is at the islands, a picture of my brother playing the little mermaid.