Thank you so much for making it to my page. I’ll try to make it sweet and short.

I’m now based in beautiful Miami, which is an amazing place for locations, and best of all, you can shoot outdoors all year round, but worry not, if Miami is not your cup of tea, my butt itches to travel all the time, so I’m often on the road. You can also talk me into going anywhere your heart desires as a fly me to you.

I have a style which is not for everyone, and I don’t intend to be. I prefer very natural, light retouching photos, and absolutely love to go on adventures to amazing locations. My aim is to have happy clients, but most of all that you are comfortable, and safe, so I strive to make that happen.

Hope to hear from you soon.


PS: Thanks to some douschebag photographers, I feel I have to add this here. I don’t do “trade”, never offer it, don’t want it.. etc. etc.